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Meng Keo Pich Chanda

Meng Keo Pichenda is a popular singer in Cambodia, and has been contracted to many companies for her services. She is the youngest of three sisters, all of them are vocal musicians.

She is well-known for her unique and balanced sound-pitched voice and was particularly successful in the late 1990s, credited for a change in direction in Khmer music. However, she has confessed to preferring to write traditional Khmer songs rather than dance music.

She began traditional Cambodian dancing when she was just a young girl, and when she turned 17 her music career began. Her style of music attracts the youth of Cambodia as well as adults. She is considered one of the most popular artists in Cambodia today.

Partial - Discography

Rasmey Hang Meas Production

  • no. 315 Tuk Phneit Leng Sou - Out of Control [Solo]
  • no. 305 Kramom Touk Ngo¹
  • no. 304 Touk Ngo Thnom Sneah¹ (2006)
  • no. 299 Goddess in the Heart [with Ren Saveth] (2006)
  • no. 297 Moonlight [with Sampoon Midada] (2006)
  • no. 293 The Pianist in Tear [with Preap Sovath] (2006)
  • no. 292 We Are Family¹ [RHM Allstar]
  • no. 291 Background of Cambodian New Year¹ (2005)
  • no. 290 Tep Thida Sauy Jaiknamvah¹(2005)
  • no. 275 Lover's Fate¹(2005)
  • no. 271 Thnom Bes Doung¹(2005)
  • no. 261 Burned Heart [White Moon] [with Ren Saveth](2005)
  • no. 254 Pe Savong Soum Bes Doung¹
  • no. 253 Choung Snai Yueng Psaung¹
  • no. 252 Teveda Moha Songkrahnom¹
  • no. 251 We're Tomorrow¹[RHM Allstar]
  • no. 244 True Story [Solo]
  • no. 211 I Know, I Heard [Solo]
  • no. 198 Swallow Bird [Solo]

SSB Production

  • no. 28 Besdong Ronoughe¹
  • no. 26 Parent's Feeling ¹

Chlangden(Theungson)(New originals from 1995-2001)

  • no. 214(1996) Reatrey Nao Hong Kong ¹
  • no. 214(1996) Akara Oun Sorsa Ouy Bong ¹
  • no. 238(1997) Bey Chnam Bong Tao Rean Phnom Penh¹
  • no. 238(1997) Penh Muoy Reatrey¹
  • no. 255(1997) Min Tomada¹
  • no. 255(1997) Tpol Kuoch¹
  • no. 255(1997) Pkay Snae¹
  • no. 297(1998) Pram Roy Kilometer Dol Angkor¹
  • no. 321(1999) Somross Bopha Kampuchea
  • no. 408(2001) Haet Avey?
  • no. DVD 37(2001) Pneik Tuoch

¹ Album mixed with Cambodian Various Artist

***Remark: In the year 2000 to recent, she is credited as Meng Keo Picheta in DVDs and Albums. She sometimes appears in various Live Shows companies. he then got married to Manna hy-grnima

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